How EduChum works:

We have thoroughly verified several graduate and postgraduate writers who suit all our requirements. Just like whiskey, we have given you the freedom to choose your best!

1. Just post your assignment, watch writers for few minutes as they outbid each other

2. Go over their profiles

3. Start chatting with your best writer for more details and price negotiation

4. Load your wallet with that amount

5. Proceed to assign the assignment

6. Wait for few seconds for the writer to confirm (Accept) the assignment-If any delay, just choose another

7. When the writer has accepted the assignment, relax and check back after the agreed time for any updates or completed paper

8. Download your paper, read several times, and if you are satisfied with it, approve and release payment to the writer. You can ask for any number of revisions before you release funds!---- Yes, it is that safe

On Your Account

Open- Contains the projects you have posted, currently bidden or not yet received any bid but has not been assigned any writer

Pending Acceptance- Contains the projects you have already assigned a writer, awaiting confirmation

In Progress- Contain projects accepted by writers

Submitted- Projects completed by writers awaiting your approval

Approved- Finished projects and fully paid

Revision- Projects you have asked your writer to fix few errors before approval