How to Write an Admission Application no one can Turn Down

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How to Write an Admission Application no one can Turn Down

The admission essay is one of the most critical sections of the application part. Different colleges and institutions require usage of different formats when writing this essay, for instance, some might need you to add your formative experience in the essay while others might ask for a debated topic. The main consideration for this essay relies on how you write and present your work. Below are some of the helpful tips that can help you navigate through the process.

a)      Familiarize with the institution and the prompts it has given

-          Different institutions provide their own set of prompts to be discussed. You should read and understand the provided prompt then note how the questions apply to you. Distinguish whether the prompt requires you to inform, defend, expound, or support the given subject. This section should clearly state what you are trying to accomplish.

b)     Brainstorm

-          Reflect on your past relevant experiences and note down all the concepts. Narrow down to concepts fitting the provided prompts then expound them to suit the reader’s expectation using enough supporting details.

c)      Incorporate the hooks

-          In this section introduce your opening punch lines that will draw the reader’s interest to get to know you more. Ensure you mention the competent things that the reader is not already familiar with. Mention your unique and interesting traits, some life challenges you have been through, and how you overcame them. The section should enable the reader to understand your personality.

d)     Confirm if your work matches the prompts

-          Proofread and ensure that your essay aims at responding to the prompts that were provided by the institution. Watch out for spelling and grammatical errors as you go through your work and avoid being wordy in your paragraphs.

NOTE: The essay should be genuine, thus any suspicion of unrealistic information might narrow your admission chances in the institution. A precise and realistic essay will have an impact on the admission office, thus widening your chances of securing a chance in any institution of your choice