Websites to download free e-books

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Websites to download free e-books

Electronic books, commonly known as eBooks, are a modern way of providing an easy and convenient way to access literature as well as text-based information. The concept is an electronic and advanced version of the traditional print books, which can be read with the use of computers or smartphones, via an eBook reader. Readers can purchase and access eBooks on disks, but the most common way involves direct access to the eBooks websites, where they can be charged with varying fees. However, several sites are free and allow users to access various eBooks without any charges. This article provides a list of free websites where users can read and download eBooks. 

Open Library

           This website has the ultimate goal of having a single web page for every book ever established. As such, it provides readers with quite a variety of books covering many years. There are billions of free eBooks in this website in different formats including MOBI, PDF as well as EPUB, each having download links. The users can search for various materials on diverse subjects such as fantasy, biography, medicine, art, history, among others. Furthermore, the open library provides an advanced search option, which allows users to search for books through authors and book titles. To find books click here

Project Gutenberg

           With a vast collection of more than 58,000 books that can be downloaded, the website enables readers to access a diversified library. Gutenberg as a project is a volunteer towards making books available without any charges. As such, it does not charge any fee for the registration process nor requiring signing up. The site offers books in different subjects, from periodicals to classics and social sciences to history. Users can be able to search for the books if interest through titles or explore through genres. To find books click here


           ManyBooks has over 50,000 free books on its website, serving as an excellent option for bibliophiles to satisfy crave for publications of interest. The site provides various book collections formatted for eReaders such as kindle as well as formats such as TXT, PDF, EPUB, and MOBI, among others. According to a significant population of readers, browsing through this particular website is relatively easy, as it offers well-organized sections of books in different genres. Readers can also pick their next books, as the site has recommendations as well as featured authors section to help users. To find books click here


           With this website, users are provided with every category of free books that they can think of, to read online. BookBoon will specifically help readers to look for an educational textbook or business book, to precisely what the users need. Being a free website, users only need to visit the open section and enter a few details of the books they want to access or download. Unlike many other sites, BookBoon offers texts in many languages including English, Spanish, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, French, Danish among others. To find books click here


           This site has an immense collection of original books and public domain at no cost. Feedbooks is designed with a neat interface having well-cataloged sections with books ranging from mystery novels, action, fantasy, history, short stories, as well as academic publications. The download page that provides specific links for the download of various books offers helpful information like word count, publishing date, reading hours, the date published. The search option is reasonably designed also, making it easy for users to navigate effectively. To find books click here


           As the website’s tagline provides, this site enables readers to “Read Anywhere. Anytime”. Free-eBooks offers good works in academic texts, fiction, as well as non-fiction. By digging deep into the website, users can be able to find free books of their interests. The site has a section that shows the best eBooks at a particular time. Despite the rich collection of books, there is a limit of 5 eBook downloads in a month in various formats. To find books click here


           This site offers an alternative method from other websites, whereby instead of reading books, users can be able to listen to audiobooks at a free cost. The free books on the site are read by volunteers seeking to release quality recordings of various books. LibriVox plays a significant role in helping the visually impaired and enabling them to enjoy different great works for at no cost. Users can download the various titles in MP3 format, with the use of the provided links in every title page. To find books click here


           Readers looking for literature by Indie authors can benefit from this website. As an online directory of books, the website offers different content created by independent authors as well as publishers from all across the world. Among the subjects included in the site’s collection includes history, philosophy, fantasy, classics, adventure, and business. Users can search the platform via quick filter buttons such as word count and rates to find the books in with their tastes. To find books click here


PDF Books World

           This website allows users to read and download different articles in PDF format without any charges. It works towards digitizing materials that have attained the public status, allowing them to be downloaded in PDF format. Unlike most of the other platforms, PDF Books World does not provide links to other external websites. They, however, store the books in their server itself and offer free membership to users, for a lifetime. To find books click here


           Bookyard has a simple webpage where users can either publish or download books free of charge, according to the categories or authors that they prefer. Moreover, downloading books on the website does involve much struggle even when no registration is required. To find books click here


           This website mainly offers non-fiction books in different genres. Despite being a non-profit organization, the site hosts an extensive collection of ebooks on various subjects such as computing, humanities, engineering, science, and languages. Users can be able to navigate through the site easily, while further categories make it even easier to find specific content. Furthermore, users can either read books online or download them for offline purposes. To find books click here


The library is storage for almost 3 million books and more than 52 million articles on different topics. Most of them are available for free, so you do not have to worry about draining your funds chasing the needed materials. You also have the possibility to make an advanced search and sort the materials by year, extension, and language.


The platform has many technical, medical, and science-related books and articles that are available for your usage. New materials are uploaded to the database every day, so you might always find something useful on the pages of EBOOKEE.


The MOBILISM forum allows you to check for the fiction and non-fiction books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers, expired e-Book releases. It contains around 500,000 pieces that are available for you 24/7.

EBSCO information services

This is one of the best engines to access academic and peer-reviewed articles. It contains both, full articles and their abstracts, so to make sure you access the full article and can download it as PDF, slide the "Full Text Only" bar and the engine will provide you with selected articles that are fully available.


The website offers access to academic books and full articles. It cooperates with a wide range of publishers that provide this website with up-to-date publications. You can choose one of three membership plans: Annual membership for $99.95 USD; Semester (four months) membership for $49.95 USD; Monthly membership for $19.95 USD.


The page contains a lot of academic content that you can access for free, including the most popular science journals. If you want to have full access to JSTOR databases, you can subscribe to the plans that are available starting from $9.99.

Wiley Online Library

The library hosts a wide multidisciplinary collection of articles and books. As well as other websites it allows you to partially access databases free of charge: books, journals, databases, lab manuals.


Has one of the biggest databases that can be used for papers on medical topics. You can access full and up-to-date information about medical researches on the given topics and has a Customer support center that can assist you with the research.

The New York Public Library

If you need access to paintings, maps, prints, manuscripts, this is the website to check for. It updates on a daily basis, so your possibilities with this website grow every day.

All the websites listed offer a significant collection of books on different subjects and genres free. However, the sites have not been listed in any particular order, so users can use any of the platforms to access free eBooks.