Top Excel hacks

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Top Excel hacks

In 2019, it has become immensely to learn Microsoft excel for a number of reasons, and it requires you to be familiar with the top excel hacks to master at excel. Whether you are a university student or you are employed at an organization, it is important for you to be familiar with excel functions to perform a number of tasks. professionals compiled a list of top essential excel hacks that you should know at all costs:

Knowing the keyboard shortcuts

If you are working on excel frequently then, you should familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts to speed up your performance on excel. There are several keyboard shortcuts that you could practice to improve your speed at excel, and it allows you to save time and move on to the next task. Also, if you are not likely to use the shortcuts frequently then, you would have to follow a tedious route to accomplish the tasks on excel. For detailed keyboard shortcuts, see

Resize the rows and columns instantly

There is nothing more tedious than managing the text that goes out of the column’s width and it requires you to resize the column to make sure that it complies with the size of the text string in the cell. You can learn how to resize the columns and rows instantly by placing your cursor on the line between the column makers, and you should continue until you see an opposite-facing arrow. You should double-click on the line separating the columns, and it would instantly resize the column to meet the size of the text string in the column.

Moving up without scrolling

If you are working on a relatively large data set then, it would take you some effort to scroll up and down through the excel worksheet. It is an immensely tedious process, and there is a keyboard shortcut for it that allows you to move up without scrolling or losing your pace.

You can start with Ctrl+ up arrow twice, and it would lead you to the top of the worksheet, and you can continue reviewing the worksheet from the beginning. You can also follow Ctrl+ down arrow to scroll towards the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Making a copy of your worksheet:

If you are working on a worksheet on a regular basis, such as monthly or weekly report then, you should be able to practice some tricks that would keep you from recreating the worksheet each time you open excel.

It is better to make an individual copy of your worksheet, so you could just enter the information at the end of every month. It would have a similar formatting as the other sheets, and it would save you from the hassle of starting again to make another worksheet.

Knowing the functions:

Knowing the functions on excel helps you to save time, and it saves you from the hassle of applying formula to every cell of the spreadsheet. You can look for ready to use functions on excel, and use it according to your likings.